chef guga 1.jpg

Cuisine & Patisserie | Le Cordon Bleu Europe

Biology & Health Sciences | University of San Diego

International Communication | St. Louis University Madrid

Personal Trainer | American College of Sports Medicine

Guga Tosi is "healthy lifestyle" exemplified and personified. As a Chef, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist, his philosophy is rooted in helping people find the happy balance between:

Guga apprenticed at 16 years old while going to school full time. After years of working up the restaurant ladder, he received an opportunity to study culinary arts at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu in Europe. He has co-owned a restaurant in the United States and Europe and has worked in restaurants all over the world. He has an academic background in biology, human communication, health sciences, and nutrition.

During his undergrad studies Guga worked as a nurse and also as a medical student intern for hospitals & clinics in both the United States and Europe. He soon realized that most of the world had a "fix it" mentality when it came to health. Unhappy with the status quo he set out to really make an impact by helping people focus on their health from a "prevent it" and "maintain it" perspective.

An international citizen, Guga has lived in over 12 cities, 5 countries, and speaks five languages fluently. Most importantly, he believes that we are all life-long students; that the world is our classroom and experience is our teacher.