What To eat, or not to eat?

Neither, actually.

Nutrition is about understanding your body, the food you eat, and how it personally affects you based on where you are at and where you want to be. 


STEP ONE: Learn about your body

Learning the basics of food science and the intricacies about your body's individual  metabolism is the first step to a better health. Once you have the knowledge, then you can start to apply it. 

STEP TWO: See what works for you

Remember that old saying, "no man is created equal?" Well, it is probably the most accurate way to also describe human nutrition. What works for you, may not work for your best friend. Leaning what works best for you is the key ingredient in changing your life. 

STEP THREE: Refine, Repeat, and Re-invent.

Changing your lifestyle is a slow process, remember, we're looking for longevity not a temporary fix. If you do it right it will change your life forever. As you find what works and start making progress, keep it new and find creative ways to re-invent your routine. Change it up sometimes. You may soon find you have also re-invented yourself. A new, better, self.